Saturday, 13 December 2014

Exploring The Health Benefits Of Yoga For Women

Yoga is the key factor for every woman to live healthy and happy life. Women on practicing yoga can avail several types of physical benefits, physiological benefits and spiritual benefits. Yoga as a word can be defined as a way of life where body and mind are in perfect harmony. Here are some of the benefits of yoga for women and  why you should seriously consider adding it your exercise routine.

Proper Breathing

The belief is that there's a direct connection between breath and the mind. Also known as “Pranayama” - prana (life force) and ayama (to extend). By regulating the flow of prana we learn how to take control of our mental state. Yoga breathing exercises teach us how to increase oxygen intake and recharge the body. Breathing should be full, slow, and rhythmical.

Stress Reduction

Women tend to stress more and quicker than men do. This is why most physicians advice their patients to practice yoga as it improves the concentration and allows to focus on reducing the emphasis that is put on stress in their lives.

Lose Some Weight

This is what most of us are striving to do- lose some of those extra pounds. Well, yoga can help you do just that. The regular and increased practice of suryanamaskar, which works every part of the body can help you lose some weight. Plus regular yoga makes you more aware and in tune with your body, which in turn promotes healthier eating habits.


Just because you’re not working with weights in yoga, that doesn’t mean the activity does build strength. Holding your own body weight in yoga poses encourages the body to develop incredible endurance and strength in the most functional of ways. You’ll be able to lift, carry and hold things better, whether that’s your kids, your groceries or your free weights.

Injury Prevention

All that stretching and strengthening will make you must less susceptible to injury when you workout. Yoga will help your body protect itself at the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles, meaning you’ll be much less tight and sore from other workouts.

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