Monday, 12 August 2013

Easy Yoga Poses For Your Runners Shoulders

When we think about post-run stretching, we often focus on our hamstrings, calves, or lower backs  you know, the big running muscles. We likely disregard other less obvious parts of the body, like the neck or shoulders.
But the shoulders are silent work horses during runs. Propelling us along with so much steadiness and strength that we probably don’t even notice them until they are tight and achy.

Let's be honest, running can take a toll on your body.Yoga Poses Whether you're training for your fifth marathon or just starting with the sport, recovery is imperative in order to improve your running performance.  Running focuses on specific muscle groups and in order to restore balance, cross training is important.

The breath control (pranayama) we practice in yoga actually helps me keep my breathing even when runs get tough, and it's especially helpful after a hard run. Plus, there is a certain peace that accompanies running (and walking). That repetitive motion allows your mind to clear, and the path that lies before allows your eyes to focus on the horizon. benefits of yoga Add some motivating music, and you've got quite the relaxing and stress-relieving workout!

Spend 15 to 20 minutes on these poses after a run when muscles are warm, or practice them on your off days. Even better: Take at least one weekly yoga class for a deep, total-body stretch.

Downward-Facing Dog
Bring the hands shoulder width apart and feet hip with apart. Press your hands and feet down into the floor. Lengthen through your spine and release the shoulders down the back. Stretch your heels down into the floor. Press the bases of the index fingers actively into the floor.

Seated Pigeon Pose
In a seated position cross the right left over the left, placing your left foot down on the floor flat. Your hands should be behind your body and pressing gently through the floor. Open your chest and extending up through the the spine. Repeat on the opposite side.

Crescent Lunge
Step your right leg through into a low lunge pose. Place your hands on floor finding a deep lunge as you release your back knee down into the floor. Extend the arms upward to take the stretch in the upper body. Repeat on the opposite side.

Standing Forward Bend
Start in a standing position the right leg should be at the top of your mat and the left leg behind you. Keeping your feet about hip distance apart and ground all four corners of the feet to the mat for balance and stability. Fold down over the front leg in a forward bend. Keep your neck relaxed by looking down towards the floor as you go deeper into the forward bend.Repeat on the opposite side.

Pigeon Pose
Begin to heel toe the right foot over in the front of your mat. Your back left leg should extend straight out from the hip behind you and rotate slightly inward. Gently drape your body over the right leg. You can also try reaching the arms upward to stretch through the chest and spine. Repeat on the opposite side.

Take your time and be patient when starting a new yoga practice. Build your yoga practice slowly over time. At first many athletes especially runners, will find many of the poses challenging due to tight musculature.

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