Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Best Air Sports Badminton Rackets

If you are looking for badminton rackets, then do not look elsewhere because you should be able to find that specific item that you are looking for, online. Just type the certain brand of badminton manufacturer and within seconds, you will be given your choices.

This racket is for players wanting great touch and high levels of control. With a compact hitting area, there is brilliant feel at your fingertips. badminton rackets Nanopulse carbon construction features a unique nano resin that binds all the carbon fibres together during the production process to create an ultra consistent and stable construction with maximum molecular uniformity

the Carlton Air Edge has an Aero Slim frame profile that will provide you with more force with no impact on weight whilst the softened grommets placed at 3 and 9 o’clock positions ensure greater string movement, thereby increasing power across the hitting zone. This combined with the isometric head shape, super lightweight frame and softened grommets to the 3o’clock and 9o’clock points, makes this Carlton racket an impressive and ideal choice for players looking for a powerful and responsive racket.

Designed for advanced players the Carlton Air Sonic Badminton Racket features a XTreme tension frame, designed to tolerate a higher string tension combined with the optimetrichead shape for unbeatable power. This badminton racket also benefits from a Aero Slim frame profile for excellent manoeuvrability and the Japanese HM Carbon construction delivers superb frame response and stability.

The Carlton Air Blade Badminton Racket benefits from a lightweight Japanese HM carbon construction coupled with Nanopulse carbon technology designed for total stability and power upon shuttle impact as well as increased T-joint torsional stifness which minimises torsional twist. This badminton racket features a Circometric head shape coupled with the direct fibre transfer system for fantastic touch and feel, ideal for advanced players looking for complete control in their shots.

Take your game to the next level with the Carlton Air Intercept Badminton Racket, benefiting from a graphite frame construction for unbeatable frame response and stability, teamed with the isometric head shape for a enhanced sweet spot. This badminton racket features a triple taper frame profile designed for improved power and accuracy with the even balance and comfortable grip giving a great pick up.

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