Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Ultimate Boot-Camp For Workout Plan

Tired of your usual gym routine? Us too. So we talked to Stacy Berman, certified trainer and head of Stacy’s Boot Camp in New York City. The result? A six-week workout plan from the new WH book,

The Ultimate Boot Camp Workout from Men’s Health. Designed by Gaddour, the routine contains a series of 10 intense exercises that will help you torch belly fat, pack on muscle, and sweat your way to a six-pack.

Can't get enough of your favorite Ultimate Bootcamp exercises? Our YouTube channel is packed with upper body workouts, core exercises, leg toning drills and boot camp routines to get you ready for your favorite sportsNeed some extra motivation? There is nothing like experiencing Ultimate Bootcamp first hand. Try a weekend workout, or join us for 4 weeks at a location near you!

To save you both time and money, Best Health designed the ideal seven-interval workout you can do at home. From start to finish, it takes 45 minutes, and will burn between 400 and 600 calories for a 140-lb. woman, depending on how hard she’s working. teen boot camps Do this workout two to three times a week to see results in six to eight weeks you’ll be fitter and more toned, and can potentially lose 10 pounds, if you also keep your diet in check

The name of the game is to blast body fat and build lean toned muscle. To get you here, I’ve created a fun, high-octane beach boot camp fitness training program for men and women that accelerates muscle-building, intensifies fat loss and cranks-up endurance.

My exclusive training program dynamically fuses intensive interval training, body-weight exercises, sand-bag weight training, yoga, circuit training, plyometrics and plenty more to accelerate and sestain your hard earned fitness goals. You’ll workout smarter & faster while your energy skyrockets and your body transforms into the lean, toned form you’ve always wanted

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