Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Simple Home Based Arm Exercises For Women

Flabby arms would make women look unattractive. It would affect the type of clothes she wear when at home or outside. Sleeveless clothing is next to impossible to wear in this situation while full sleeve clothes might not be always possible to wear. Women think that their arms would look muscular by doing the arm exercises.

Here the most important thing to mention is that the arm exercises for women are not at all similar to that of men. These exercises meant especially for women tone their arm muscles look more healthy and attractive.


For this example we have utilised an alternate leg lunge. To perform simply stand with your hands on your hips and room in front of you to move into. Lunge forward with your chosen leg ensuring you initially land with your heel. Continue to lower the body by bending at the knee and hip until the rear leg almost touches the floor. Reverse the movement and alternate legs.This exercise offers a second opportunity to target the major muscles of your lower limb, especially the quadriceps region. Also brought into action are the hamstrings and gluteals, to a lesser extent.

Pull Ups

Although, strictly speaking, you require something to pull up against, utilise your surroundings such as park apparatus, the overhang on your stairs or a tree. bootcamp exercises For this example we have utilised an overhand wide grip variation. To perform simply stand underneath the surface you are to utilise and grasp this with a wide, overhand grip. To execute simply pull yourself in an upwards direction until your chin is level or slightly above.

Press Ups

This upper body exercise not only targets the chest region but also recruits major muscles from your shoulders and triceps. Furthermore, your ability to hold your torso throughout the required movement will bring your core musculature into action, enhancing your stabiliser muscles as a secondary benefit.To execute the movement, simply lower your body to the floor by bending at the elbows before returning to the start position.


This is primarily considered a lower body exercise but its overall benefits on the entire body can be considered phenomenal. Not only does it target the major muscles in your lower limbs including your quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteals it also activates your core musculature. Furthermore, it can bring about enhancements in ankle, hip and spinal mobility.To perform, stand with your arms extended and facing forwards. Initiate the squat movement by bending at the knees allowing your hips to bend backwards. Lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

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