Tuesday, 18 June 2013

2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony: The Highlights

Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle, 55, created a stunning series of visuals for the 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony in London July 27.One of the evening's most memorable moments featured Queen Elizabeth II, 86, showing off her comedic chops in a pre-taped video with Daniel Craig, 44, as James Bond. In the clip, the duo left Buckingham Palace, climbed into a helicopter and parachuted into the Olympic Stadium. (Her Royal Highness and the actor used stunt doubles, of course.)
Highlights of Danny Boyle's extravagant 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony entitled "Isles of Wonder" featuring Bradley Wiggins, Kenneth Branagh as Isambard Kingdom Brunel, James Bond and the Queen.
Is there a Chinese phrase equivalent to ‘WTF’? If so, one imagines it was uttered by more than a few mouths in Beijing on Friday night. While budgets are slashed across the board elsewhere in the UK, theatre and film director Danny Boyle was gifted £27m for the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, with the express remit of making the British not look like impoverished bumpkins next to the Chinese, whose uber-bombastic 2008 Olympics opener might as well have been subtitled ‘world, meet your new superpower’.

In the event, Boyle’s faintly bonkers tribute to all things British seemed to only have the slightest eye on international audiences: London Olympics 2012 if our hypothetical observers from the Chinese capital had managed to get all the references in a ceremony that paid homage to everything from maypole dancing to Isambard Kingdom Brunel to the NHS to ‘Brookside’s famed lesbian kiss, I’d probably suggest their anglophilia was getting a little obsessive.

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