Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Single Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Often people will ask me to share the best exercises for weight loss. They want to know what kind of cardio activity is going to help them lose weight faster than anything else. Even if they don't enjoy it, they are willing to try whatever is going to help them reach their goals more quickly. My response is always the same. So are you ready to hear what the magic exercise is? What's going to help you lose weight keep it off long-term, and get fit?

Being active is an important part of any exercise for weight loss or weight-maintenance program. When you're active, your body uses more energy (calories). And when you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight loss.

Let’s consider the butterfly. One of the most taxing movements in sports, the butterfly requires greater energy than bicycling at 14 miles per hour, running a 10-minute mile, playing competitive basketball or carrying furniture upstairs. It burns more calories, demands larger doses of oxygen and elicits more fatigue than those other activities, meaning that over time it should increase a swimmer’s endurance and contribute to weight control.

Are you wasting time on burpees? Frittering hours on free weights? Going in circles with circuits? There’s nothing worse than sweating it in the gym, without seeing the desired results. Lose Weight You want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck in the exercise stakes but, without conclusive research proving which exercise is most effective, how do you know you’re spending your time efficiently?

Everyone wants that one secret exercise that can burn the most fat off their body in the least amount of time.Since there are so many different opinions about what is the best exercise to lose weight, we decided it would be a good idea to consult our experts to hear their thoughts.We didn’t come up with one consensus, but did find some great exercises that will definitely help to get you leaner and stronger, even if there is no single best exercise to lose weight.

There are several forms of exercise (aerobic, anaerobic, circuit training, interval training) and even more theories as to which type of exercise is best for weight loss. Many exercise science specialists believe that aerobic exercise is the most important component in weight loss, while others believe that anaerobic activities and strength training are more effective in drastically increasing weight reduction.

So is the butterfly the best single exercise that there is? Well, no. The butterfly “would probably get my vote for the worst” exercise,

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