Monday, 17 June 2013

What Are The Benefits Of Walking Early In The Morning

Walking as a form of exercise has a number of benefits, both physical and mental. Walking early in the morning works well for some people because they can do their exercise before the demands of the day make them want to skip doing it. It offers time to plan your day in a calm setting while oxygenating your body. For some, it is a time of feeling gratitude for the day ahead as they use walking as a meditative experience.

Benefits Of  Walking                   
A low-impact exercise of moderate intensity, walking can improve your health and it is easy to do for most people. According to, it can lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of or help manage type 2 diabetes, manage your weight, improve your mood, lower bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol, and help you stay fit. It is important to start slowly, warm up and use proper walking shoes. Stretching your muscles beforehand can help you avoid injury.

Air And Oxygen
One of the benefits of walking early in the day is exposure to the air in the environment, which is the freshest at this time. There are few cars around to pollute the air with exhaust fumes. The air feels cleaner after the activity of humans and cars has died down during the night. By moving your joints, you can increase your blood circulation, increasing the rate at which you bring new oxygen in while removing carbon dioxide from your cells.

Walking energizes you, while at the same time stills your mind and helps you relax. As you relax, the way you perceive the world changes, and the usual mental clutter that usually fills your mind recedes into the background. Health Benefits of Leisure A natural mood elevator, walking can ease mild depression and promote happiness. It releases muscle tension while simultaneously decreasing stress hormones and increasing beta-endorphins, which are relaxation hormones that elevate mood and create a sense of well-being. Walking early in the morning can "kick-start" your day into a more relaxed way of being as well as help you sleep better that night.

If you think of meditation as only taking place in a quiet, still setting with candles and incense, think again. During an early morning walk when the air is cool and the birds are starting their melodic songs, you can enter a state of walking meditation as you breathe, step, breathe, step, and focus as you become one with your walk. The combination of the steady rhythm of walking combined with the rhythm of your own breathing can still your mind, open you up to messages from your subconscious mind, and refresh your spirit.

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